Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why Does He Love Puns So Much?

Today my little gift from the All was tickled in my ear this morning: "Now don't be alarmed but...." 

*BEEP*BEEP*BEEP*BEEP*BEEP*BEEP*BEEP!*   My alarm clock went off and I woke up laughing and slapped the Off button. Yeah. Alarmed. Ha ha.

He has such a ridiculous love of puns. He loves playing with our language idiosyncrasies. Double entendres give him endless pleasure. Tongue twisters are his second love, I think. Or.. maybe sappy love ballads. It's a toss up, really. Those are the ones he throws at me the most, anyway.

I'm afraid that I don't have a very good answer as to exactly why the All loves puns so much but I do have a guess. My guess is that they're simple enough to slip into our consciousness on a whim and a quick way to give us a hug. He doesn't always need to lead us in technicolor dreams in crazy collages to communicate- a pun or play on words is a quick but simple way to nudge us awake while letting us know that he is there is enough sometimes.

Be fearless. Embrace the absurdly funny. There's nothing wrong with it. 

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