Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why Gnostics Ask Why

To atheists, agnostics, general malcontents, and the curious public who ask questions about gnosticism I offer you this condensed explanation of why gnostics have been so misunderstood, hated, and martyred throughout human history:

"To question all things; - never to turn away from any difficulty; to accept no doctrine either from ourselves or from other people without a rigid scrutiny by negative criticism; letting no fallacy, no incoherence, or confusion of thought step by unperceived; above all to insist upon having the meaning of a word clearly understood before using it. and the meaning of a proposition before assenting to it; - these are the lessons we learn from the ancient dialecticians."

John Stuart Mill,
Inaugural address as Rector, University of St. Andrews
February 1st, 1867

Once we graduate from infancy and realize our potential, asking why isn't terrifying. It is a somber expression of our status as an adult human being. And we have every right to receive an answer.

Being content with the holey-as-Swiss-cheese doctrine of literalist faith means that we have allowed others to think for us. Where is the mystery? Why is it that others have asked and supposedly received answers and we are not allowed to ask our own questions? What, then, is the meaning of OUR life?

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