Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School Time and Vaccines

Both my boys (11 and 12) got their physicals today and of course we were shown their vaccine records so they could be updated. Now up until three years ago I had no problems with vaccines except for making that decision about my own body(I got pneumonia from a flu and chickenpox vaccine which put me in the hospital for three weeks). About my stepsons, though, this was of course a bit more tricky. Hubby had his own ideas and I had mine.

Through time, reading, and much deliberation, I decided to broach the topic with my husband about discontinuing vaccines with the boys. He fought me hard last year but gave in. This year, after all the ranting I'd done about all the new research on Gardasil killing pubescent girls he finally woke up. The trigger was, I think, that they started pushing it so hard toward BOYS and for the most inane thing: genital warts. Gimme a freaking break. Warts never killed anyone. 

"Son, I'm terribly sorry but if you don't get this potentially deadly vaccine your penis may not be as attractive to a woman." 

I hope that sounded just as ridiculous to you as it does to me. 

Cervical cancer? Ok, yeah. I can agree with there being a need for a vaccine-- if one did exists which was SAFE!-- to protect our girls. But when you give a girl the Gardasil vaccine, she gets WARTS on her body, and after a lot of other complications then drops dead-- well. I have to say that there's a sick sort of irony in there somewhere. 

If you see a sudden surge in adolescent boys with genital warts in the next decade or so ehh... I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about why and how that might be coming about. This puts me in mind of our  dear ex-president saying emphatically, "I. Did. Not. Have. Sex. With. That. Woman." (But he did ruin her dress.)

Also, if they can come up with a vaccine for cervical/penile/anal cancers and genital warts then why the hell can't they cure breast cancer yet? With as much money thrown at the Komen foundation I have to wonder where all that money is going. They have a vaccine for several cancers but can't kill it? 

A vaccine for CANCER but we still can't cure the common cold? I do not believe for a minute that the science behind this is based in reality. Wishful thinking, maybe, for those who have been affected by these cancers or warts in some way but realistically speaking: what is the gain here? You can't cure the people who are already sick besides irradiating them and injecting them with poisons and then hope their immune system reboots. It's a crapshoot. 

Getting back to my boys being hounded to get their vaccines today. The nurse was nervous and shoved a pile of papers at me when I informed her we were declining. The doctor, however, was more composed and wanted a specific reason. I was pretty blunt. I told her that when the companies which are making these vaccines remove four items then we'll get vaccinated again. 
  1. Thiomersal 
  2. Squalene
  3. Aluminum
  4. Polysorbate 80
She said that all of these ingredients serve a purpose in the vaccine and that they can't remove them. I told her that I don't recall reading in my multivitamin information insert that the human body has a deficiency of any of those ingredients. 

"Well, I give my kids these same vaccines and I feel comfortable doing so." 

"I'd like my documentation on the physical so we can leave." 

She left the room and got me the paperwork and that was that. Here's the list of vaccines she wanted to give my twelve year old boy: 
  1. HPV(Gardasil)
  2. Meningococcal
  3. Hepatitis A
  4. TD or Tdap
  5. Chickenpox
Five. That's FIVE vaccines with all of those insidious ingredients that he would have gotten today if I hadn't spoken up. That's five shots of thiomersal, five shots of squalene, five shots of aluminum, and five shots of polysorbate 80. 

Considering the fact that this twelve year old is probably going to be in college by the time he's fourteen or fifteen he certainly doesn't need all this crap floating around in his brain! Although some days I am tempted to gag him to protect him from himself and his ever-eloquent and comedic smart mouth, the truth is that at some point he's going to outgrow this phase and learn how to not sound like such a snot. I'm willing to wait. But I certainly don't want to deprive him of the chance to do that by turning him into another stupefied sheep. We've got too many already. 

The whooping cough vaccine(Tdap) certainly hasn't helped all those people the past few years which have contracted it. Seventy percent of the people who've contracted it were vaccinated! Herd immunity theory is debunked with that alone. 

The more I read about school districts trying to force the Gardasil vaccine on children in their school clinics even without parental consent the more strongly I began to feel about refusing further vaccines for the boys. You have to ask yourself why these pharmaceutical companies are so gosh darn insistent that our little boys shouldn't have genitial warts and our little girls have to be protected from cervical cancer-- especially when it's now shown that the only thing the Gardasil vaccine can positively do is give a false negative on a Pap smear. Congratulations. They just killed another woman. If that's not proof of a soft kill operation then I don't know what more people need to see.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Christ and the Soul" in Gospel of Philip

I believe gnosis is universal, timeless, and didn't only begin in the Christian era of when Christ lived and died. How could it be that Plato and all the dozens of other proto-gnostics wrote allegories using symbolism Christians and other Mystery religion sects did centuries later? One followed the other, yes, but there are such gaps in time and space that it almost seems impossible to reconcile. 

It doesn't make sense because they were so removed from one another, despite the evidence that a few of them maintained a correspondence and became on again/off again teachers. These schools were wiped out time and time again. Gnosis can't be learned or felt with only a few letters exchanged. Momentum needs to be built, forward thinking and actions are needed to propel a thing like gnosis into a community affair or even be accepted as a 'muse' which one can count on for truth and comfort.

The best theory about how gnosis has traveled through time is that these themes are universal to the human psyche and within pleroma these thoughts are a constant. Time is not linear within him and I think this is the most difficult concept to accept. Daydreams and nightdreams are used as vehicles for communication. With us being so interconnected, if you consider that as a possibility then it all comes into focus quite sharply that there is no true original thought or idea. No one has a patent on anything! We're just very good at recycling and re-finding/re-imagining and refurbishing what has already been imagined countless times before. 

Think of the many 'renaissances' which have existed before now.  Count the many monuments left behind by civilizations which have flourished and then fallen- too many to count, really. We have all the evidence we need to say definitively: human beings are endlessly creative and tirelessly spiritual in nature. We are not atheist in nature! We are creative beings who want to connect to the divine in every way. It's what we long for when we are awake and when we dream. Why else would we go to such extremes, swinging madly between dark chaos and filth all the way over to courtly love and saccharine sweet paintings of rather naughty flying dresses?

Enchantingly beautiful, isn't she? Flirty and living in the moment on that swing. And the shoe! Do you see it? She's so happy and carefree that she is smiling even as her left shoe goes flying off her foot. Of course the paramour she's teasing in front of her is enjoying the spectacle of her happiness. Pleroma is like that handsome lover, grinning at us saying, "There you go! Live and love and laugh. I wants to see it and experience it with you!"

Is there gnosis in paint? What about in a bottle of Smirnoff? .... I have to say 'yes' to both of those. I tend to get a little more lyrical with my own paintbrush when I combine it with a good stiff drink or five. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that!! It's the experience which matters; the internal dialogue which takes place and in which we find answers. It's the experience of life itself which drives us higher and higher, like the lady on that swing, to reach toward the gentle light of love which we feel deeply within us. A lot of times it difficult to see pleroma around us but when we center ourselves once more we can branch out from there and learn to truly live again.

When you have a run in with a person or even a group of people and you think: "Man, they really need to retract that stick up their @#$%. They'd be happier."  You are on the path of gnosis. Seeing unhappiness and gnowing(<-- My fingers slipped on the keyboard but it's funny so I'm keeping it) the solution to it is gnosis demystified. Truly, it is that simple. What brings you peace? To be exclusive or to be inclusive? Are you happy hating other people? Don't you think the divine wants us to be One or to be many and fight endless wars with one another?

And those riddle-like verses in the gnostic gospels aren't always built with a hundred layers like a french Opera cake. Some, like the  Gospel of Philip can be read quite literally- but only if you know the players. 

Christ as the Savior of humanity:
"Christ came to buy. He rescued and redeemed,
redeeming aliens. He made strangers his own.
He brought his own and made promises,
construing a strategy, and gave his life
when he appeared and when the world began.
Then he came and took back what he promised,
which fell into the hands of thieves. They captured it,
but he rescued it back. Then he redeemed
both the good and evil people of the world."

Could Philip be talking about literalists overtaking the gnostic sects with the line 'came and took back what he promised which fell into the hands of thieves'? Or maybe he's speaking of Judas 'stealing' what belonged to the world and which left the world(at least in the flesh) because of his deeds?

Either way you want to interpret this passage, the crucifixion story is not original only to Christian tradition. Nearly every religion has a holy person which is sacrificed in some way for knowledge or need of a group of people for what their death can offer. Why is that? Why this need for sacrifice?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A New Martyr?

I really sense it's about the hit the fan for Assange. 

From the gnostic perspective he is a bit of a dramatic hero; serving up the Truth cold and bitter tasting while politicians scream and yell in their offices, "Off with his head!"

I'm just praying the guy doesn't get taken out by a sniper. It's good to hear that he's still working, though, while being holed up in that embassy. I think the only currency he could use in trade for Ecuador's help is to bury their secrets a bit longer. 

Nap Time and Play Time

 Last summer, me and my boy taking a nap. Killer Kitty rarely vegges out with me like this. That day though I guess he was in the mood for major mommy cuddles.

This is also last summer, right before it got really hot and Big Mouth got shaved.  On her back is riding(courtesy of my husband) a Transformer toy named "Scrapheap." She doesn't look too enthused but Scrapheap is having a ball.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Learned or Just Innate Laziness?

I don't want to spell out specifics on this topic, I'm sure you can think of at least ten different scenarios in your own life, but today it hit me as hard as a fifty car train on full speed-- what the hell is wrong with people?! Yes, it was one of those days where only a blanket sort of question could cover all the bases. The expletives were bad. Fortunately(or not) they were all in my head. Saying things aloud just doesn't help anymore. Like seeing an asshat driver doing something totally stupidly dangerous and you stamp your hand on the wheel ten times to honk your horn at them in frustration only to discover that your horn doesn't work. I actually do know what that's like. Both horns are broken in both our cars. So yes, very frustrating.

I'm starting to think that my own generation is the 'learned' lazies and our children's generation is the 'innate' variety of lazy. It's just so much easier not to do something even though it's staring you right in the damn face. Because you know someone else will probably take care of it. I wasn't raised lazy but another close family member was. The contrast in our personalities is a stinging reminder of just what divides us. It's aggravating as hell to deal with.

School for our boys starts on the 20th. Yippy Ki Yay. I am resolved(that's getting to be a joke) to doing only two things this year while they are in school: working and cooking dinner. Nothing else. Nada. I'm not getting caught up in all their school bullshit and letting them run me into the ground like I'm some sort of magician or wishing well. 

No yelling, no screaming, no reminding. They can get behind all they want but they aren't crying to me about it. Their father is going to be the kind and loving shoulder they can whine to or cry on; or at least try to. I don't think they're going to get very much compassion from him. I think now that they have been getting way too much compassion actually and it's led to a situation where they'd rather talk about something rather than do something about it. There is such a thing as talking something to death. I've reached the end of my rope. I'm tired of talking and talking and talking and nothing changes. I write reminder notes until my fingers bleed and it does nothing. Their eyes glaze over and they don't even see them anymore. 

So, no more reminding. I'm letting people take care of their own problems. I've got my own to deal with and they don't leave me very much time to listen to repetitive nonsense.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Secret Book of John -- The One

The Secret Book of John, an excerpt titled "The One."

A spirit appeared to John and told him that he would teach him of unimaginable things:
"I asked if I might understand this and it said to me, The One is a sovereign that has nothing over it. It is god and father of all, the invisible one that is over all, that is incorruptible, that is pure light at which no eye can gaze. 

The One is the invisible spirit. We should not think of it as a god or like a god. For it is greater than a god, because it has nothing over it and no lord above it. It does not exist within anything inferior to it, since everything exists within it alone. It is eternal, since it does not need anything. For it is absolutely complete. It has never lacked anything in order to be completed by it. Rather, it is always absolutely complete in light. The One is: 

illimitable, since there is nothing before it to limit it,
unfathomable, since there is nothing before it to fathom it, 
immeasurable, since there was nothing before it to measure it,
invisible, since nothing has seen it,
eternal, since it exists eternally,
unutterably, since nothing could comprehend it to utter it,
unnamable, since there is nothing before it to give it a name. 

The One is the immeasurable light, pure, holy, immaculate. The One is unutterable and is perfect in incorruptibility. No that it is part of perfection or blessedness or divinity: it is much greater. 

The One is not corporeal and it is not incorporeal.

The One is not large and it is not small. 

It is impossible to say, 
"How much is it?" or "What kind is it?"

For no one can understand it. 

The One is not among the things that exist, but it is much greater. Not that it is greater. Rather as it is in itself, it is not a part of the eternal realms or of time. For whatever is part of a realm was once prepared by another. Time was not allotted to it, since it receives nothing from anyone: what would be received would be on loan. The one who is first does not need to receive anything from another. Such a one beholds itself in its light. 

The One is majestic and has an immeasurable purity. 

The One is a realm that gives a realm, life that gives life, a blessed one that gives blessedness, knowledge that gives knowledge, a good one that gives goodness, mercy that gives mercy and redemption, grace that gives grace. 

Not as if the One possesses all this. Rather it is that the One gives immeasurable and incomprehensible light. 

What shall I tell you about it? It's eternal realm is incorruptible, at peace, dwelling in silence, at rest, before everything. 

It is the head of all realms, and it sustains them through its goodness. 

We would not know what is ineffable, we would not understand what is immeasurable, were it not for what has come from the father. This is the one who has told these things to us alone."


It sounds as though John received quite an earful from this angelic spirit! How do you measure something so infinite in it's infinity? How does the human mind grasp it without going insane?

"The one who is first does not need to receive anything from another."

So he does not crave our adulation or obeisance, he simply offers to show us the mystery behind the curtain. It's free. No sit, kneel, pray, sit, kneel, pray required. No long chants or prayers at a certain time of the day and no facing a certain direction. There is no ritual required to summon him and no hoops to jump through because he is already here! We just have to open our ears.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

IMPORTANT: Caution Concerning the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica!

Today I tripped across a horrifying piece of information which led me round and round, down the rabbit hole. The result was spiritually fortifying in the end but it had it's dicey moments. I was fairly shaken up.

I tripped across a reference to an "Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica" and my initial gut reaction was, "Yeah, ok. The EG. I know what that is." But I kept reading and the context seemed... off. Something was wrong. I did more poking around in curiosity. I am glad I did because I'd really hate to be suckerpunched with an accusation of Satanism in the future. 

No. The two organizations are NOT the same at all and I really want to give everyone a broad word of caution here. 

The Ecclesia Gnostica(www.gnosis.org) is a little more formal that I personally like. It feels a bit too close to ritualized religion for my taste because they used the form of the Catholic Church as a base guideline in things like prayers and whatnot(I don't see any need for it. I just belt out what I'm feeling and leave it at that. I'm a simple person I guess.) but they do have all the basics of gnosticism at their core. They are truly gnostic and espouse the notion of freedom in learning while keeping your sanity and your community safe from harm. They're really not too different than any gnostic community in the past.

The Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica on the other hand is downright Satanism. There is no wiggle room here, no chance for a misinterpretation or any confusion. They're Satanists and not to be confused with true gnosis. Satanism is gnosis run amock, like a newly reformed Liberal suddenly declaring that man should not wear clothes, joins a nudist colony, grows all his own food, and starts licking tree bark because his cult leader says that it's the way to God's Garden. That's about as simple a comparison as I can make. Satanists take the snake in the Garden metaphor and run absolutely crazy with it. Oh, and they love to do magic, invoking evil spirits like Set.

A man named Aleister Crowley built the EG Catholica and he pretty much took the Book of Revelation, made all the nastiest characters sound like saints and then tried to spoon-feed it to the masses. "Babylon" is a good thing, doncha know! 

Here's the creed. I marked the Satanic bits in red so you can see what I mean. Green means questionable. Italicized bits are my own comments.

I believe in one secret and ineffable LORD; and in one Star in the Company of Stars of whose fire we are created, and to which we shall return; and in one Father of Life, Mystery of Mystery, in His name CHAOS, the sole vicegerent of the Sun upon the Earth; and in one Air the nourisher of all that breathes.
And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON.
And I believe in the Serpent and the Lion, Mystery of Mystery, in His name BAPHOMET.
And I believe in one Gnostic and Catholic Church of Light, Life, Love and Liberty, the Word of whose Law is THELEMA. (Made up name which refers to Thelemic mysticism and Satanic magic.)
And I believe in the communion of Saints. (Maybe not Satanic but some feel it's pretty close-- distinctly pagan if it comes right down to it-- asking dead people/spirits to do things for you, even if it is to pray for you. Why not just pray to him directly?)
And, forasmuch as meat and drink are transmuted in us daily into spiritual substance, I believe in the Miracle of the Mass. (Transubstantiation: magic and a form of idolatry.)
And I confess one Baptism of Wisdom whereby we accomplish the Miracle of Incarnation. (This one confuses me, quite honestly. You're baptized once and all of a sudden you have infinite wisdom? And the 'miracle of incarnation' refers to Jesus, not individual human beings.)
And I confess my life one, individual, and eternal that was, and is, and is to come.


Now let's see what the Ecclesia Gnostica has to say in their catechism: 

A Brief Credo
We acknowledge one great invisible God, the Unknown Father, the Aeon of Aeons, who brought forth with His providence: the Father, the Mother and the Son.
We acknowledge the Christos, the self-begotten Son, born from the virginal and ineffable Mother in the high Aeons: who in the Logos of God came down from above to annul the emptiness of this age and restore the fullness of the Aeon.
We acknowledge the Holy Spirit, our celestial Mother and consoler, who proceeded from Herself, a gift of Herself out of the silence of the unknown God.
We seek the gathering of the sparks of light from the sea of forgetfulness and we look to the glories of eternal life in the Fullness. Amen.


Hopefully the contrast will be obvious to you. 

Gnostics don't worship any devil. The closest to 'hell' gnostics teach is that when you die you will be in a layer of spiritual existence farthest away from the good god(like layers in an onion) but it's not a place of torture and mayhem. It's simply a separation and longing for him more pronounced than what we feel in this material life.  There are layers between that furthest reach and his center; gnostic texts vary in ideas concerning this but the basic one states that depending on how close to him you are in life then that is how close you will be to him in death. But- and here's the cliffhanger- you get the chance to do it better in your next life. So you're not there forever.

Now a gnostic who has found gnosis and then turned their back on it well... there's a source of disagreement there if you're comparing opinions being stated from one codex to another in the Nag Hammadi scrolls.

I can tell you this much about ex-gnostics: they left a hell-on-earth when they died. Look at what harm Pope/Saint Augustine did. His confused gnostic-then-dogmatic/literalist rantings still confuse Catholics to this day. They can't decide whether to worship him or stick him with hot pokers and wish the man a very nice eternity in Judeo-Christian 'Hell.'  For such a smart man he really did a quirky 180.

I don't think Augustine should have been beatified but I also believe that the Catholics didn't have much of a choice because of the cohesiveness he promoted and in the end his turn-tail political stance was in the Catholic church's favor since he sufficiently recanted most of his gnostic learning-- publicly at least. Personally, I think the man created his own hell and had to live with it the rest of his mortal life. He was very conflicted and you can see it in all his writings. Hopefully he did better the next time around.

In any case, I just wanted to shout out a word of caution here to people concerning any hokey sounding gnosticism. Check the background of what and who you're reading about and then take it from there. People who claim they're gnostic could be blowing smoke up your arse and trying to get you involved in some really dangerous stuff. Research what you're being told and trust your heart. 

The Catholic church does teach what gnosticism is so their congregation can stay away from it and this is why as soon as a Catholic receives confirmation of your gnosis they immediately shut down the conversation. They don't want to be 'tainted.'  Pointing out that their clergy hasn't mentioned the gnostic sects which have been wiped out in the Pope's name or any of the other atrocities committed in Christ's name... eh. It all tends to fall on deaf ears. 

"That was the past. The Church apologized for it." Yeah. Keep telling yourself that. They colluded with the Nazis and have never apologized for that or for Langeudoc. Which is better- to be a Jew killer or to kill gnostics? Apparently they're both in the same league. We're not worth an apology. And to say it wont ever happen again is pure naivety.  It's still happening in China and Tibet with the Mandaeans! So yes, gnostics are still persecuted and killed for their beliefs.

I have a better time talking to atheists than Catholics. At least we can agree on how nuts literalism is. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Save the Surprise?! Bizarre Satanic Olympics Ceremony

Alright, so I thought I'd peek at the Olympics news. Lordy I wish I hadn't. Remember that dream I had about the clouds and gas? Lo and behold I found this video of the Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal and nearly fell off my bed n horror. Here's a screenshot of the vid:

Click on the picture and it'll take you to(in another window/tab) the page which has the video itself. Pay careful attention to these things as you watch:

In chronological order:

"Save the Surprise" is flashing constantly on the big screens at the top of the stadium. Save what surprise???

See the upright faux tree looking thing almost in the center of the floor plan? A May pole, probably. Just to the right of it you'll see a chimney with smoke coming up out of it constantly. Some reports said that it smelled like sulfur. Not sure if that's true or not but it's true that the smoke kept coming up out of it the whole show and there were a few others scattered around if you look closely.

Oh and look at the lovely clouds floating around across the 'sky' in the arena as part of the set up. The smoke + clouds are what nearly made me have a twitch fit because of the dream. But it gets better. Keep reading and watching. The videographer did a great job at pointing things out.

Notice all the pyramids across the top of the stadium? Illuminati symbolism.

Skip the Mary Poppins stuff if that isn't your cuppa tea but when you get to 8:43 and slowly watch it then it'll all come together and you'll be literally saying to yourself exactly what the video compiler wrote at the top of the screen, "What the fuck is this hell?"

What hell he's talking about is the 'building' to the left goes through a bizarre metamorphosis which leads to GUNFIRE in several directions and, the house implodes and suddenly the stadium looks like it's burning in the fires of Hell. Freakier than I can even explain. Just watch it!!

Just as the gunfire rings out you see in big lit letters behind it, ".... for everyone!"  I'd love to see what the first part of that sentence was. What, 'Bullets for everyone?" I seriously doubt it was 'cupcakes' for everyone.

10:56  The song of "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" with everyone(literally!) blowing soap bubbles was.... disturbing, honestly. Smoke and bubbles wafting upwards... I don't get it. It might be a Brit thing but after the dream I had it just gave me the heebie jeebies especially with as somber as everyone sounded.

11:30 The almost 15 second nod to Amy Winehouse was kinda nice.

12:00 I didn't get the reference to the heartbeat/lighting going around the audience... and GOSH? The lighted paneling on the ground floor was odd. Like a smiley face or something with the word GOSH underneath. Anyone have a clue what that is?

Starting at 13:35 you'll see a bizarre ritual playing out and the videographer spells it all out. This was actually vid taping of the 2008 Beijing Olympics where they mimicked the Tavistock bus explosion. Creepier than all get out. I think the videographer included this piece to show you that it's not just this year's Olympics which has some questionable choreography; supposedly this stuff has been going on for a while. I haven't a clue how long. Haven't researched it yet.

Now even if you skip to the cute little singing part on top of the bus and dismiss all the symbology you have to still admit that the whole thing is downright odd. "Gonna give you my love. Want a whole lot of love." For 13 victims? What?!!  The song is seriously at odds with the act. So I'd advise watching it from 13:35 on through to get the whole gist of what's going on to see the spectacle for what it is. And Aleister Crowley, remember that name that's mentioned. I have a blog post about him in a few days. 


Update: I wrote this blog post on the 29th and forgot to post it. Now today when I did publish it I went back to click on the video to watch it again and... it's deleted! This message appeared: 

"Sorry, "Satanic Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal 2012 London" was deleted at 2:20:06 Mon Jul 30, 2012.

Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by International Olympic Committee claiming that this material is infringing: Satanic Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal 2012 London."
I looked for it in YouTube and it's not there, either. They were very thorough. 

Sorry, folks. This is the New World Order censorship at it's finest. I'm just glad I found it and wrote the blog post with descriptions of what was in the vid before it was deleted. I'm very sorry you can't see the vid anymore. It was instructive, to say the least.