Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Bible's Falacies

Just a short five minute clip of Sam Harris raising some reality(not fundamentalist) based points about how most people gloss over the truly grotesque and illuminate the divine aspects of holy books. I thought he was quite eloquent and right on point, which is why I am sharing this with you here. Even fundamentalists would find offense at this.

I was raised with the exact argument he's speaking of, that the Old Testament was wiped away and no longer relevant once Jesus died for the world. And yet the whole time growing up I always wondered why we kept reading the Old Testament.... still can't figure it out. The smartest thing to do would have been to strip away all the(95% of the Old Testament) newly rejected(as forgery or highly questionable) gospel and only talk about what actually pertains to us now. But those two books are still stuck together in the same binding like they belong together.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Laughing Christ in the Gospel of Philip

The lord said it perfectly:
"Some have entered the kingdom of heaven laughing, 
and they have come out laughing."
They do not remain there:
one because he is not a Christian,
another because he laments his later acts.
As soon as Christ went down into the water
he came out laughing at everything in this world.,
not because he thought it a trifle, but out of contempt.
whoever wants to enter the kingdom of heaven will do so.
Whoever despises everything of this world, scorn it as a trifle,
will emerge laughing.
So with the bread and the cup and the oil,
for above is one superior to all these. 


The term Christian is being used in a derogatory sense here, as in labeling oneself not being helpful for the soul/aiua to evolve beyond the pettiness which this life can be.

Why would we lament our later acts after spending time with pleroma? I can think of a million reasons. Just one off-hand would be this: resentment that in order to do the right thing we have to stay and deal with the insanity which is this life. So not only do we resent him for at least a moment or two for telling us that we have to stay but we also resent ourselves for feeling such an abhorrent thing for him to begin with. We KNOW that he's right. But that doesn't make us less emotionally inept at dealing with the cold hard facts. In acting out that 'lament' of our later acts we can do some pretty stupid stuff; do things we never would otherwise. Like a typical teenager thumbing their nose at their parents.

The bread and the cup and the oil reference-- think of annointings, blessings, wine, breaking bread and the like. Philip states that these three things themselves are trifles but the heavenly All is superior to all these and we shouldn't get so immersed in ceremony or iconography. 

11/18 addendum:
Looking back at this now I see that the laughing may also have to do with the absurd things pleroma shows a person when immersed within his being. Try being squishie hugged by a Santa Claus/Jim Carrey/Jaques Cousteau type charactor. Loving, irreverently funny, insatiably curious and educational nerd. Yep. That's him. That's The Man.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Donut and Coke Bottle Challenge-- Hint #3

On 7/21/12 I posted an announcement for the Donut and Coke Bottle Riddle.

It has been more than two months and as I promised, I have another hint for you.

As a refresher,  hint #1 was to figure out where each item goes and what astronomical phenomenon it can be equated to. Hint #2 is that it has nothing at all to do with food.

Here is hint #3 to this universal riddle is this: Study the Electric Universe theory. Then study the similarities between quasars and pulsars. Now go back and read about the Electric Universe theory again. Put it all together. What are the similarities with all three? Quasars and pulsars helped us arrive at the Electric Theory to begin with and has helped debunk the Big Bang Theory. (Yeah, that was a trip and a half trying to explain this to my twelve year old high schooler. "Yes, honey, you were taught this particular theory. But now we're rethinking it." Poor kid is living in interesting times...Like suddenly finding out the earth isn't flat.)

Helpful visuals and explanations of the Electric Universe being seen here:  Pay careful attention to the information at 3:00 forward concerning the emitted beams of radiation.  contains a wonderful archive of proof for this theory. Many pictures and examples.


A quasi-stellar radio source ("quasar") is a very energetic and distant active galactic nucleus. Quasars are extremely luminous and were first identified as being high redshift sources of electromagnetic energy, including radio waves and visible light, that were point-like, similar to stars, rather than extended sources similar to galaxies.

This research suggests that, in addition to its mass and spin, the quasar's central compact object may have physical properties more like a highly redshifted, spinning magnetic dipole than like a black hole. For that reason, most approaching matter does not disappear forever, but instead feels the motor-like rotating magnetic field and gets spun back out.

and/or pulsar:

Post a comment below and let me know how you're doing with this riddle. I'd really like to hear from you.

As a side note I must say that it has been increasingly stimulating to think further about this riddle in the context of actual astrological phenomenon. When I arrived at the answer to the riddle I had never heard of the Electric Universe theory or studied quasars or pulsars! I had to literally trip across pictures and information about these things to understand how to make this concept .... edible... for you. Digestible? Eh... I'd get lost in a thesaurus if I tried to come up with a better descriptive than that. 'Edible' works.

Until I learned about these real phenomenon I didn't have a clue as to how to present this riddle challenge. Like a good collection of healing herbs in a cuppa steaming hot water to make tea, the images had been steeping in my brain for a long time but I didn't have the language to use for you. All I had was the visualization and the emotion being shown to me as an explanation for what was happening and why.

Rather like a powerful case of deja vu. Mentally going to a library, reading a whole row of books and later discovering, 'Hey! That looks familiar... I can't remember the name of the books but I know I've learned this stuff before.' Gnostically speaking, sometimes it's creepier than hell. Once you get used to it, yeah, it becomes a bit easier to swallow. But in the beginning or in times of a massive flood of information it can be a little tiring and straining on the brain synapses.

"I read a really great book," is not something we uncommonly say we do in our sleep. Couldn't tell you a whole lot about it besides a few scene frames and grasp at a few ideas which were presented but we do remember that it was captivating. Sometimes TMI and disgusting, and you realize that Somebody sometimes acts like an overgrown toddler poking at something gross saying, "Isn't this awesome!??"  Ok, yes. Biologically speaking, it is awesome and magnificent and deserves to be appreciated. But not when I'm reading about something completely unrelated and You go off on a tangent. I can appreciate the hilarity of the moment but it still activates my gag reflex. Surely I am not the only one He has an affinity to for showing the physical differences between species and all their peculiarities?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Absent and Now Returned

This blog disappeared for a number of months for a few reasons. A few I can go into and a few I just can't. My apologies for the extended absence. A few Readers have written me wanting to make sure I was still breathing. I am, thank you for your concern. And I hope that the blog continues to exist for quite some time. 

#1 Reason-- I began to receive some pretty scary harassing messages from people. It wasn't your typical literalist Biblical bullshit of, "You're going to hell, bitch! Quit preaching all that love and unity and shit. We hate you!" No. That I can handle. I just shake my head and hope that one day that person finds peace. 

This was more sinister. I research and sometimes even bring to you some of the topics which I find are directly affecting people today. Things like vaccines, education, genocide, political lies and maneuvering, warmongering that my own country is perpetuating, and oh yeah... some religious stuff I find interesting along the way. 

The blog has morphed from a religious documentary of my evolution in gnosis into a (sometimes)rant filled diary about the injustices I see and read about. I can't apologize for that. This blog is personal and I have a really difficult time dividing my attention to write about only certain topics. My husband says that that he (now!)"likes that I'm not a mindless drone" and that I read so much about the world. That didn't used to be the case. I used to drive him crazy bringing up topics like this to discuss. But he's evolved along the way, too. He understands that I can't sit idly by and watch the world turn upside down. The more I talk the more he listens and I can see a subtle change taking place with him over time. This has been gratifying.

These threats, though, have become personal and terrifying. My computer was hacked. My husband's  computer was hacked. My husband works at home and his work computer was in danger because it runs off the same ethernet system. Granted, his employer's firewalls are world class but still, the danger was quite real. 

It's taken all this time to get stuff straightened out so that I can feel somewhat safe posting online again. That does not mean that danger isn't present. I've been hearing and reading about other blogger's websites which have been ripped down for talking about the very same things I do. Obama's NDAA bill doesn't only purport to protect us from foreign terrorists, it claims that American citizens should be thrown in jail without legal representation in exactly the same manner-- and for reasons which should make us all take a hard look at where we are and how exactly we arrived here-- for stating opinions which go against the government, discussing political events with the express purpose of inciting change(I didn't say violence- I said change), and simply being an activist in general. You don't have to say things like you're going to murder someone or say that you're planning some awful bombing. Nope. All you have to do is talk about how shitty the government is and BAM! you're on the NDAA watch list as a possible civilian terrorist. 

Free speech is no longer a right. 

I read a story a while back which was in all the alternative news channels about a woman who was an Occupy activist. She was arrested and thrown into solitary confinement for months without trial or representation. Why? She and two of her buddies(who weren't even in town at the time!) were accused of being involved in violence which took place at an Occupy rally. After months of her friends and family screaming at news stations, writing letters and calling congressmen, and general mayhem, the woman was finally released. Her two friends have not been released and their ordeal has no end in sight. If that first woman had no friends and family who knew where she was she'd have simply been yet another desaparecido.

In the end we have to make a stand. What are we willing to put up with and for how long? Do we run for cover from our own government when WE are supposed to be the government itself? We elect people who no longer represent our opinions. Lobbyists and corporations rule the land, not us.  Our 'representatives' are bought and paid for, with only a few exceptions. 

If my blog is torn down then so be it. At least I was able to enlighten a few people and pass along some information in my brief time here. 

I plan to keep writing and keep hope alive.