Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fog and Coughs and Looky Looky!

I think that 'fog' in the wee morning hours in an hourly weather report is code for 'they're spraying the shit out of you' in Chemtrail-ese.

The past few times there's been 'fog' in the forecast I've woken up to hacking and coughing and lots of itching on my arms and upper body. Yesterday I didn't even send the boys outside to play it was so bad.

Then, today at 8:10am I took these photos just right outside my front door. Literally, I walked out my front door and looked up. Please note, I made these pictures extra-large so you could see them well without having to click on them. I know they run over into the right-hand column.

I know how this chemical sludge makes my body feel when it's drizzling down from that height and lemme tell ya-- it's not good! It's not a warm fuzzy feeling. It's an agitated, itchy, coughing miserable feeling. I'm going to be drinking pots of nettle and turmeric tea AGAIN today. Worse, I HAVE to go grocery shopping today. Can't get around it.

On a happier note, my cat's not dead. I thought she was yesterday. No. She was just snoozing. It really looked like her neck was broken. She had her mouth open and her eyes were glazed. Damn. Must've been some catnap!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fighting Fluorosis One Comment At A Time

Here's an article to a local newspaper talking about their ... fluoride problem... This hits too close to home. I had to get involved.

I've been busy this morning combating the loonies.

I have a personal stake in this, damn it! Since moving back down to Florida my teeth have been RUINED!! I can trace it back directly to our tap water. So can my dentist. I have proof in my X-Rays and in his examination notes. Also, of course, when I look in the mirror.

Here's some food for thought.

Every nasty study done on fluoride since 1854. Well, probably not every study. But there's a ton of them listed here(including international studies) for you to peruse and learn about just how corrupt the FDA is. They're only now in the past few years beginning to bend their stance on fluoride because cities have ripped out the tanks themselves after learning the truth. If we don't do it ourselves the government won't. It's not in their best interest. Fluoride is like a slow drip of Xanax for us every single day. Apathy? Yup. And that's just how they like us.

It's only a matter of time before all the major cities revolt on this issue. It'll happen. I just wish it'd happen here in my own city a lot sooner. I can't afford a $500 water filtration system to get rid of this poison in my water. If you pick up any bottled water(or bottled water product like soda/tea, etc)on the shelves today it's fluoridated unless it states otherwise. Good luck finding them. I certainly can't.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Too damned bummed to write. But here I am.

Yeah, I know. How many months has it been?? My cat went blind, the kids left for summer break up to their birthmother's place, I began to enjoy summer break, and ... I lost the will to write entirely. My heart just felt like it died.

Can't really explain what happened, but Merry, I finally answered your comments! When I logged in to Blogger today it was really backed up. That's how depressed I was. I hadn't logged in for months. Sorry, guys. But I did finally get caught up today with replying to comments.

I think I'm in a funk for a number of reasons. My kids are growing up and needing me less, I'm trying to do more around the house and burning myself out, I don't have time for myself,..... Christmas is coming up and my project plans aren't looking like they're going to come together. I'm just stressed I guess.

Let's see what I have planned for tomorrow... I have to go up to the store and buy a bulk box(5 dozen) of eggs, have to come home and spend three+ hours pickling them because my two pubescent sons are eating us out of house and home and we decided to give them free reign on the eggs any time they want. They just finished up the last jar TODAY. So I have to make some more. Jesus. They eat like grown men.

I also have to shave one of the cats, shampoo, and do a vinegar dip. Finish doing the diatomaceous earth application to the carpets which didn't get finished today because a certain little boy neglected to vacuum the living room like he was supposed to, and then I've got to work some more on a painting my sister wants for Christmas. Turpentine gave me a migraine last time so hopefully it'll be cool tomorrow so I can open the house up. I don't know if it's going to happen or not. We'll see.

At least all the laundry got done yesterday and today. That's a load off my back.

All this with fibromyalgia, chronic migraines and back pain, whiplash, and a few other things. I just... damn it. I'm just really fucking tired.

I don't want to end this post with that negativity so I'll tell you something a bit funny and quirky. Did you know that cats like eating stinging nettles? Herb/weed, whatever you wanna call it, this plant is pretty amazing. I've started drinking a few gulps of the tea a few times a day to help with some symptoms I have. Well, I saw a video a while back of cat chowing down on a plate of cooked steaming nettles and thought, holy cow! I gotta look into this stuff! Too weird, ya know? My big tuxedo, Killer Kitty, LOVES grass but is now allergic to it. So he grazes on stray carpet fibers and it upsets him even more. Doofus. Ok, so this Kitty Momma had to be smarter than him, obviously, to get him what he needed, which was fiber.

He likes eating half a raw egg(he shares it with Big Mouth) three times a week already. LOVES it. I mean, he begs for it. He knows what it sounds like when I open the egg carton and rams into my ankles to get me to drop it on the floor. Brat. Anyway, I thought that egg would be the perfect cover for me to slip in a few more goodies to bulk up the vitamin content of those meals.

So in a little ramekin(fancy word for an itty bitty souffle dish)  I mixed the following: a few tablespoons of boiling water, one teaspoon of dried stinging nettles, one teaspoon of milled flax seed, and a pinch of turmeric spice. Mixed it up, covered it, and let it turn into sludge. After about five minutes I halved it and mixed it into the cat's dry food really well and then put their raw egg portion on top.

Worked like a charm! They both ate it up.

Just goes to show- cats will eat almost any vegetable if you use a bit of trickery and patience. Big Mouth will eat tomatoes and lettuce out of my husband's hand. And she's doing a lot better, by the way. She rarely gets herself caught behind doors and into other kinds of trouble now; she's coping well with losing her sight.

Now I'm anxious to grow some stinging nettle from pots next year. I want fresh tisane, not have to constantly buy the 'tea' bags of herb. With as much as they're spraying overhead though I don't know how that's going to be safely possible. I don't want chemicals on my herbs.

And just because I love lolcats...